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Post COVID-19 Detox Program Therapy.

We want to reassure you that at Nutritional Infusions, our top priority is health, freedom, and safety as well as protecting our patients and associates.  COVID-19 has affected everyone, we have all been impacted emotionally.

Nutritional Infusions Post Covid-19 Recovery Program has been designed to address both the acute and persistent health problems of those traumatized by this event.

For patients who have developed new symptoms and medical conditions triggered by COVID-19.
Most common Post-COVID 19 or Vaccine  related long-term symptoms:

Fatigue | Shortness of breath | Cough | Joint Pain | Chest Pain | Difficulty with thinking and concentration (Brain Fog) | Depression | Anxiety | Muscle Pain | Headache | Intermittent Fever | Rapid or irregular heart rate (Palpitations)

IV Drip Therapy

Limit Fatigue!
Immune Boost!
Expedited Recovery!
Energy Booster!
Enhance Your Mood!
Feel Good!
Bio-Oxidative Therapy

Choose Your Treatment Program

Over 50 years experience combining Naturopathic, Chiropractic and Medical expertise with a passion for educating the community in natural and effective healthcare options!

Not sure what treatment is best for you? Our team of experts will evaluate your needs! Call 609-732-0101


Boost your immunity!
Enhanced Energy!
Fuel Up!
Quickly Rehydrate Your Body!
Bone Strength!

Mobile Health Concepts

Now more than ever, we must keep our immune systems functioning at full
speed. You may not want to leave your home at this time, so we are now offering
concierge IV therapy services. Your greatest defense is a strong immune system. Our
infusion therapies are a great way to boost your hydration and immune defenses. Our
Immune Defense Program for COVID and all other viral infections have three levels.
The first is Basic, designed for prevention, Advanced, for symptomatic and Intensive
level treatment. It is a combination of Bio-Oxidative and Super Nutrition protocols
with High-Dose Vitamin C. We call it the Immune Defense Drip.


TeleWellness ND™ is Now Available!

Simply stated, a Wellness Consultation is similar to a visit with a doctor in their office, except it takes place virtually or over the phone. During your Wellness Consultation, a Nutritional Infusions provider will review your health history and wellness goals to make appropriate program recommendations and wellness therapies.

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