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What To Know About the Covid-19 Vaccine

Nutritional Infusions At-Home Testing | On-Site Corporate Testing | Mobile Covid-19 Testing for Individuals, Groups, & Corporations

Test Options:
Nasal Swab PCR Test -> This standard nasal viral PCR lab test can determine if you are currently infected with Covid-19. Results in 1-2 days (2 days if tested on Sunday). Results can not be expedited.

$ 195

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Rapid Antigen Test -> This nasal swab rapid test detects viral proteins and can determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19. Results available in 15 minutes.

$ 195

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Corporate COVID-19 Testing -> Testing for employees, staff, or clients? Call today to learn more.

Individual & Group Discount Pricing:
Automatic group discounts are applied to groups of 2 or more persons for all Covid-19 tests and add-ons, but do not apply to the lab fees – these fees are covered by most PPO insurance plans, however for those who do not have insurance please use the pre-pay option.

Number of People Discount % Nasal Swab PCR Rapid Antigen

(1) $195 -> $195

(2) 10% off $175(pp) -> $175 (pp)

(3) 15% off $165 (pp) -> $165 (pp)

(4) 20% off $155 (pp) -> $155 (pp)

(5) 25% off $145 (pp) -> $145(pp)

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General Testing Info

    • Same day appointments available.
    • No out-of-pocket costs to participants, except for our non-par plans such as:
      1. Medicaid
      2. Plans that do not have out-of-network benefits
      3. Non-par cost is $ 75.00
    • Serving symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.
    • Drive to side of building. At your appointment time, park in between the orange cones. Stay in your car and DO NOT ENTER the building; a team member will come out to your car to administer the test.
    • Bring and have both Driver’s License and Health Insurance Card available.
    • For the insured: All screening and collection fees will be billed to your insurance.
    • There will be no deductible, co-insurance, or copay fees. Applies to only Out-of-Network insurance plans as per CARES Act. All welcome at no cost to participant.
    • For the uninsured: Photo ID by the government.
    • Same-day results are available.
    • Antibody blood testing also available for 4 week Post- Covid patients.
    • PCR test: The cost is $50.00 for the test for all patients. Results are ready in 24-48 hours.


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