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Methyl B12

Feeling fatigued and exhausted despite multiple cops of coffee and energy drinks? Experience the purest form of B12 – the same type that is naturally produced by your body to enjoy that healthy energy boost. Just one injection of B-12 you will enjoy boost of energy increase. Maintain your vitality with a personalized regimen and slow the effects of aging by replenishing your body with this essential nutrient. Take control of your health and live life beyond limits. Methylated B12 has all the same benefits as our standard B12 and is readily utilized by your body where needed. Treat yourself to the gift of wellness, with long lasting energy, mood, and appetite regulation, so that you always feel your best. This injection will provide an instant boost of energy, while also treating or preventing fatigue, mood changes, muscle weakness, hormone imbalances, heart problems and neurological damage.

VITAMIN B12 | $25



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