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Weight Rx


LIPOTROPHIC AGENTS are nutritional substances that aid in and stimulate fat metabolism and overall wellness. They include vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients and are included in our special formulation SLIMMING/ENERGIZING LIPOTROPHIC IV drips and intramuscular injections while additionally regulating sleep, mood, and appetite cycles.


The HCG Diet (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) addresses your body’s specific needs for losing weight, leading to longer-lasting results. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women and it has been found that this hormone, when used in small doses with a low-calorie diet, results in fat and inch loss by stimulating the breakdown of abnormal fat cells in the body. Additionally, the presence of HCG in the bloodstream takes the appetite away.

The HCG Diet involves daily treatments of injectable HCG, allowing the body to burn up abnormal fats by working on the brain’s hypothalamus that controls the appetite and mobilizes abnormal fast. The HCG Hormone can help burn 1000 – 4000 calories a day by targeting the abnormally stored fats for energy — especially around your abdomen, hips, and thighs, while at the same time preserving normal and structural fat as well as muscle. Our program is medically supervised with weekly visits.

In general, as a patient enrolled in our hCG Diet program, you will experience many additional benefits, including but not limited to the following:

  • No loss of muscle mass
  • Balances the hormones
  • Normalizes cholesterol levels
  • Normalizes appetite demands
  • Reduces fat deposits on the body

If you are having trouble losing weight and would like to learn more about the hCG Diet, please call us.

Up-Front Pricing:
3 wk. program includes initial exam ($145), one IV ($230), 2 office visits ($75/ea.), 2 follow up visits ($50/ea.) 3 wk. supply ($350) = $975 ->PREPAID: $900

6 wk. program includes initial exam ($145) one IV ($230), 2 office visits ($75/ea.) 4 follow up visits ($50/ea.) 3 wk. supply ($350) = $1,425 ->PREPAID: $1,300

Established patient: 3 Wk. Program. $ 600.00 -> $550.00 | 6 Wk. Program $ 1000.00 -> Prepaid $950.00



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