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Workout (Athletic Performance)

Nutrition and proper hydration both play incredibly vital roles in athletic performance. This IV drip loaded with amino acids and essential nutrients gives your body the fuel it needs to support your muscular and cardiovascular systems.
ZINC • B12 • B- COMPLEX • VITAMIN C • TRACE ELEMENTS and Magnesium and Tri-Amino Complex

The combination of amino acids, including arginine, carnitine, glutamine, taurine, and branched-chain aminos help manufacture and maintain muscle, combat fatigue and overtraining, regulate blood sugar levels, fight the buildup of lactic acid, increase metabolic rates, decrease muscle soreness, and helps avoid craping. Other vital nutrients like B-complex, magnesium, and zinc help boost energy production, reduce inflammation, and replenish nutrients lost in sweat. Fluids and electrolytes help keep the body hydrated and muscles and nerves functioning.

At our office:
Level # 1,  (100ml bag )  Fee $ 145.00
Level # 2,   (250 ml bag) Fee $ 195.00
Level # 3, Combo protocols ( Workout drip and Glutathione drip) Fee $ 250.00

At your location (Mobile Health Concept):
Level #1,  (100 ml bag)   Fee  $ 200.00
Level # 2,  (250 ml bag)  Fee  $ 275.00
Level # 3,  (Combo protocols)  Fee  $ 350.00

Number of people discount % for I.V. Treatment at same location:
(2) 10% off   (3) 15% off    (4) 20% off    (5+) 25% off



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